We can’t wait to welcome you to Costa Rica! First and foremost, we are absolutely thrilled to meet each of you this summer. Our dedicated in-country team has been hard at work crafting and perfecting an exciting 14-day itinerary designed to be both enjoyable and educational. Along the way, we’ve connected with numerous amazing individuals, organizations, and small businesses, and we’re eager to share the true essence of “Pura Vida” with you.

So, you might be wondering: who are we?

I am Julio Ortiz, a software developer from Alajuela, Costa Rica. I am passionate about travel and photography, which allow me to explore and capture the world’s beauty. Since high school, I have been deeply interested in participating in volunteer programs. In 2018, I had the great opportunity to volunteer with Raleigh International in Nicaragua, where I met incredible people and discovered my love for programs with a social impact. This experience strengthened my commitment to projects that promote well-being and sustainable development, shaping my vision and approach both professionally and personally.

Working with Global Glimpse is an exciting opportunity driven by your enthusiasm. I am certain that teaching you will be a memorable and enriching experience. I look forward to meeting you all, and I am excited about the fantastic time we will have together, learning and traveling.

Hi! My name is Fabi, short for Fabiana. I was born and raised in Costa Rica and have lived in Heredia my whole life. I am currently a senior majoring in interior design. 

I absolutely love nature and traveling. (My mission is to visit every amazing place in the country). I also enjoy a good sitcom with good company. I’ve been working with people in communities since I was a freshman in high school and realized it was meant for me. I love every part of it and truly want everyone to take advantage of these experiences and learn as much as they can! 

I am very excited to meet you all and let’s have a great summer!