Hi my name’s Aditi Sanghavi and today I was the leader of the day! I’m now a senior at Dougherty Valley High School and participate in a couple extracurricular activities including practicing taekwondo and playing Waterpolo for my school! I’m extremely excited for the coming year and can’t wait to experience the rest of my life! I heard about global glimpse from one of my close friends and when she described her amazing experiences during the trip, I couldn’t wait to go!


DSC_0744Today’s theme was Education/Shadowing a High School Day!! We started the day dressed in school uniforms and got to see a formal/dressy side of everyone that we hadn’t been introduced to before (we’re usually barefaced and dressed in sweats when in each other’s company), and right off the bat, we were impressed with each other’s abilities to skillfully dress ourselves. We started the day off pretty early, with everyone possessing these dazed and droopy looks, but as soon as we reached the high school, everyone pepped up about our jam-packed day. As soon as we arrived, we were all paired up with a local high school student, whom we followed throughout the morning. After everyone split up, we left to our respective classes and bonded with our partners whilst struggling with Physics and Math L. After those grueling hours of work, the students were given a half an hour break, in which we got to know so many different people .

The next event in our AWESOME day was visiting Fundacion Cristal, the local preschool which inclusively teaches kids with mental disabilities along with the other preschoolers. Not only is everyone treated equally and with unconditional love, but the preschoolers are given the appropriate amount of attention and support that caters to each of their needs. First we watched the adorable younglings dance on the stage and I’m almost one hundred percent sure that all of us were fighting against our initial instinct to run up to each of them and give them all tiny hugs! Afterwards, we split up into groups and got to spend time exclusively with the little ones, where we got to listen to their stories and play their games. Once we had finished our lessons, we all moved to the center playground where we had a difficult, but entertaining, time handling the piñata and organizing the horde of children. There may have even been a point in time where an incredibly eager child may have been pulling at me and dragging my pants down… but overall it was an enlightening and cathartic experience to let loose with the kids.


Although we had some time to relax after coming back home, we had a lot of activities to plan out, including our English Tutoring classes which would be taking place that night, and our CAP Project planning. I’m incredibly proud of our group’s ability to keep going after a jam-packed day and the perseverance that they demonstrated in order to get their responsibilities completed.


After a GREAT day of meeting local high schoolers, keeping our hands full with the little ones, and bonding with each other even more if that’s even possible), we are finally ready for a FULL night’s sleep and we will see YOU tomorrow.