Hi all! My name is Leila Tjiang and I attend Palo Alto High School (Paly)! I am currently in the process of cramming for my final exams, therefore, this post will be brief. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, sleeping, and listening to music, among other small hobbies. I am passionate about a wide variety of topics, such as environmental sustainability, art history, psychology, and economics/sociology. At school, I participate as in Paly’s Zero Waste Initiative program and help to run a student perspective publication, Anthro Magazine, as an editor. Last semester I worked at a boba tea enterprise as a cashier, and I’d like to consider myself one of Palo Alto’s foremost PMT connoisseurs. I love to bike everywhere, and was extremely reluctant to get my license last year.

In the past, I have traveled internationally to Canada, Mexico, China, Italy, and the UK. Within the United States, I have been to 10ish states, and countless national and state parks. Of all my adventures while traveling, one of my favorite memories is visiting the UK on a school trip in 8th grade or backpacking in Yosemite.

I’m extremely excited to meet everyone, and cannot wait for our trip! I have yet to travel to South America, and am thrilled to get to know the culture and people of Ecuador in our two weeks there!

See you soon!