This is the introduction to our five-part series, Lessons on Leadership, authored by Executive Director Eliza Pesuit as she celebrates her 10-year anniversary leading Global Glimpse.



Building a Sustainable, High-Impact Nonprofit.

When I tell people that I lead a nonprofit, I often get a response like… “Wow, that’s so nice. That must be really meaningful. Do you do that full time?”

Yes. I run a $5 million dollar mission-driven business, full time

Building, sustaining, and growing a high-impact nonprofit organization takes guts, resilience, and a commitment to do what is right even and especially when it is hard.

In the following series of vignettes, I have distilled our learning over the past 10 years building Global Glimpse down to five valuable lessons. I hope they will serve as a guide for others committed to raising the bar in ways that will deepen and expand the important work we do across the nonprofit sector. 


Click here for the first video in this series, Lessons on Leadership: Know Your Niche.