Who’s excited for Bonao!? ME! ME! ME!  I’m Jill Kearney and I’ll be one of your GG Leaders for the July 14th Bonao trip.  I’m really really looking forward to our trip to DR (we leave in one month exactly… let the countdown begin!)

A little bit about me… I grew up in New York (on Long Island) and I’ve been a high school math teacher for the past 4 years in NYC.  Outside of teaching, I love to eat, I love the beach, I love to travel, I enjoy fun workout classes, and I love taking risks.  I’m usually on board for a good adrenaline rush… I can’t dance but I love to try… and did I mention I LOVE to eat?  I think one of the things I’m most looking forward to is that I cannot wait to try every traditional dish I can!  If you find something delicious while we are in Bonao please don’t forget to tell me about it.

On a deeper side of things… the reason I got involved in Global Glimpse is because of a similar travel I went on in college.  One of my most memorable travel experiences was going to Nicaragua for a service learning project.  The program was similar to Global Glimpse, but on a smaller scale.  We visited a local town every day and really got to know the locals, especially the children.  Each time we traveled we worked with the community to plan a project that would benefit their town.  Even after traveling to all different parts of the world (Thailand, France, Italy, Ireland…) Nicaragua holds a place very near and dear in my heart because of the connection I made with the locals there.  I expect you all might experience similar feelings while we are in Bonao and I feel very honored to be able to be part of that this year.

I will see you all at JFK!