Hello GG fans!
I am reporting life from our new home in San Cristobal. My name is Jatnna Garcia, and I’m the Site Manager in town, but for the day I was also representing El Lider del Día role.

Today, we woke up in Santo Domingo, and then we traveled to San Cristobal. We had seminars, where we learned about culture, safety, and history and then we went out on a City Tour. It was amazing to see the city of San Cristobal from different eyes. It was like seeing everything for the first time again, with a heart full of pride and love for the amazing things this site has to offer. Our brave Glimpsers also reminded me of when I first traveled to the state of Utah in the U.S to pursue my bachelors. I was close to their age and I can relate to being in a completely new place.

We started the city tour in Monumento de los Constituyentes, we were joined by the Dominican Local Youth Ambassadors.  These ambassadors are around our Glimpsers age and have committed themselves to show the value of San Cristobal; it was my rose for today. They helped so much crossing streets to make sure our Glimpsers were always safe and by talking to them about the city. At the end of the city tour, we all enjoyed popsicles and were able to talk more in depth about what we have learned and seen. I kept learning how we are so alike in many ways, and that when we unite, we can accomplish so much more in life.

When we came back from the city tour, it was amazing to see how this first interaction with the community, and the people, made such a great impact on our Glimpsers. Sophia loved to see children that stop by CONAMUCA, our new home and Elizabeth is excited to meet more people in the communities. I can fully say that this journey, will change our perspective of the outside world, and I’m filled with excitement and joy to see what we will all be learning day by day.IMG-20160708-WA0011 IMG-20160706-WA0013