Hello to all of the families back in the States. My name is Bijan and I was blessed with the opportunity of being leader of the day on our delegation’s Fun Day. Our day started bright and early at 6 o’clock in the morning. For breakfast, we were served a hearty meal which consisted of fluffy mashed potatoes, fried cheese, and exotic Dominican hot chocolate. After our stomachs were filled we were whisked away in two off-road vehicles courtesy of our drivers Andre and Ramon. Our adventure to the Constanza waterfalls began. On our way up we experienced the lush Constanza mountainside in combination with the crisp morning air. Once we arrived we took pictures, swam, and ate lunch at the truly beautiful waterfall. After, we traveled back to the hotel and  embarked on a new adventure to the Arroyazo ponds. At the pond many of us swam, went down a “rockslide”, and made new friends with local Constanza teenagers. For me, making new friends with the locals was the most fun and rewarding part of the trip so far. Despite language being a slight barrier we bonded over sports, food, and T.V. shows. Finally, we wrapped up our day by visiting the local bakery, eating dinner, and conducting our nightly meeting. Overall, everything here in Constanza is teaching me the true meaning of happiness. The people are genuine, hardworking, and passionate despite of the lack of resources they have. Thank you for taking a glimpse into our day and hope everyone is doing well.

-Bijan Hosseini