Today the group continued the construction of the multipurpose facility and bathroom but not before enjoying a fantastic quesadilla breakfast served up by Diego and driving to the local elementary school in Aquiares. Thanks to the great work by our supervisor Omar and the rest of the group, we were able to start immediately on the next steps of the project. The group and I agree that seeing and being a part of the process helps us grow a new appreciation for the people who help build our communities every day and the efforts it takes to turn vision into reality. The group covered pipes laid by Omar with rocks and dirt and everyone took turns using their strength to push the wheelbarrow of rocks for mixing concrete.

Unfortunately, our work was cut short yet again by rain and work had to be paused before being canceled altogether. Instead, the group played basketball and soccer and everybody made their best attempts at half-court shots (none were made but tomorrow could be the day!).

After returning to the base house, part of the group took a trek down to the road from the accommodation to explore the nearby town and visited a delicious-looking bakery. On the way, some took the rain as an opportunity to cool off and have fun taking pictures with the baggy appearance of the raincoats. Meanwhile, the others at the base house read or wrote letters.  When we all rejoined for dinner by Diego, the group took turns playing their favorite songs to dance to and sing along to. Diego even joined in on our impromptu dance party! Afterwards, the nightly meeting commenced and I shared my talent of solving a puzzle pyramid bought at a local shop. Tomorrow is our last day of work on the project and spirits are high that progress will be plentiful and fulfilling!

Thank you everyone for reading! Big love from Van. <3

To my Dad and Maria, I love you both and tell Ollie that the dogs here beg, play, and get into the trash just like he does.