Today, we experienced what is called a “Free Day” in which we the students were allowed to explore the beauty of Estelí, Nicaragua with fellow Glimpsers. Although today was an over all very relaxing day, there were occasions where Glimpsers experienced emotions like crying when getting in touch with family members. This showed how although we are having an amazing time here in Nicaragua, we still miss our family members. What surprised us the most, was understanding how a family bond will never be forgotten as students cried, which demonstrated one’s care for family. This connects to our appreciation toward our peers as many of them comforted each other in their time of need.

The most inspirational person that we met today was a woman named Maria during English Tutoring. She was very inspirational to us because of her determination to learn English despite her age, therefore showing us that age is meaningless when it comes to education.

Being the Leaders of the Day revealed our weakness when leading others. This is a good thing because this allowed us to make strengths out of our weaknesses. And thus improving our leadership abilities. Through this experience, Global Glimpse has given us a “Glimpse” of what a true leader should be.imageimage