Today we learned what the meaning of family is; family are those who give unconditional love and support. We got to experience this with our host family as we lived like a local. We were welcomed with open arms and big hearts. Our day began with bucket showers and a light breakfast. A bucket shower is when we only use the water from a five gallon bucket to bathe. Afterwards we headed to Bejuco Aplastado and met our host families for the day. Right away, we ventured into our respected homes and were given individual chores to complete. Some of us cooked, cleaned, and cut weeds, but at the same time learned about the community that these families come from and why they choose to live there. After the hard work of the morning, we all gathered to have lunch with the community and get to know the other locals more by playing dominos, baseball, and frisbee.

It surprised us how we could relate to this experience with our cultures and history. We were very emotional how our peers got very sincere with their thank-you cards to their host families. We were very inspired by how the locals tried to better their community as a whole by having many committees that contribute to the community such as the Arts and Craft and  Green Zone committees. As Las Lider Del Dia, learning to share the role of a leader was an important factor of a smooth day. We both learned what our strengths and weaknesses are in order to improve in the future to be a better leader and role model.