IMG_4600 Today gave us the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in the daily life of a local. The night before, we shut off running shower water and electricity. Students took bucket showers in the morning. We walked to the La Favorita Center and ate a simple breakfast of the traditional dish GalloPinto and water. Then we took the bus and arrived at the village of Las Prusias where students split up into groups assigned to different host families. Some of us made tortillas, herded cattle, learned dances, and almost all of us were tired out by the exuberant children’s jump rope and games.


After a tasty lunch with the families, we visited the La Escuela Inmaculada school to discuss our upcoming Community Action project. Next came a sleepy bus ride to the hostel where we enjoyed a couple hours of free time and had an English tutoring seminar, which will begin tomorrow. Our groups planned out respective lesson plans for our levels and age of teaching. We celebrated our site manager Carla’s birthday at the diner with a cake and the Cha Cha slide. We look forward to our next busy day and further adventures to come. Shout out to my #1 dad, hope you and Max aren’t starving on your backpacking trip, and hello to mom and the kitties <3.