living like a localLLLToday we woke up at 5:30 and had breakfast at 6:30 at La Familiar. Since today’s theme was living like a local, we had all three meals that equaled out to $1 each. This meant small portions, yet it was still delicious. After having our breakfast which consisted of Gallo Pinto and an oatmeal drink, we then went on a field trip to visit families living in poverty. This was the main focus of our day, in which us Glimpsers were paired up in groups of two and stayed in family homes where we helped them out for about 3 hours. We each did different tasks such as feeding chickens, watching dishes, and helping them prepare food. Then for lunch the cooks at La Familiar drove our meals to us where we also got a chance to eat with the families we helped. Most of us ended up playing with the families’ children, which were all very energetic and happy.

Later on, we had our first opportunity to be English teachers to Nicaraguans at U.N.A.M.(Public University) Manuel, Brian, and Ted were able to demonstrate the proper professional attire for us Glimpsers. We all had a great time and will continue to do these tutoring sessions Mon-Fri from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. This will be a great opportunity to gain both teaching and interpersonal skills.

Since today’s theme was focused around Living Like a Local, we were able to reflect on it and share our thoughts. We all agreed that this experience made us feel grateful for what we have, but also sad to see the living conditions of families with multiple children in Nicaragua:  no running water,  no stoves for cooking, and doors that could easily be opened by a gust of wind. The experience undoubtedly changed our perspectives and ways of thinking for the better and the memories will stick with us for years to come.