¿Que lo que?

Or as many of our readers at home will recognize, WHATS UP?! It’s your favorite Glimpers here, Isabella and Nakita!! We know you’ve all been anxiously waiting for the Living Like A Local Day blog because today we’ve gotten to experience what it’s really like living in a rural community. Day 13 started off a bit differently with the use of bucket showers, manual toilets, and simple meals. We headed to the amazingly sweet community of Los Francos where we were exposed to very different living conditions from ours back in the States.

After a quick check in with the leader of the community, Maria, we separated into our four self-reflection groups and went to go help different community members and accompany the younger children. I, Isabella, had an interesting time with my community members because they insisted on having us relax and not do any chores. Following much persistence she allowed us to help sweep and wash dishes. We then invited the children, adults, and elders for a lunch meal at Maria’s house. The food prepared for us was again simple (moro con abichuela, salami y aguacate), but intriguing in the sense that it was made on a wooden fire. Mmmm, how delicious!!

Words can’t explain the joy we felt when being swarmed with love from over 30 children. Zelie, Elizabeth, Jihan, and myself (Isabella) all thoroughly appreciated the pampering of our hair by the little girls. I, Nakita, felt extremely special when one of the girls brought me to her house to showcase her pack of crayons. I can’t describe what I felt at that moment, but it symbolized all the humble and caring Dominicans we’ve encountered. Rosa and Kareem in particular, made the rest of the Glimpsers extremely jealous when they were able to withhold the attention of two of the most stubborn children there. Kyle, Max, and I (Nakita) kept ourselves busy by becoming the Picassos of facepainting. The others entertained the children with bubbles, and a baseball, which was a gift from the one and only Sophie Commer. However, this blog wouldn’t be close to complete if I (Isabella) didn’t mention how two of the children fell fast asleep on mine and Natalia’s lap. Who knew soft humming lullabies truly worked.

Not too long after, Maria talked to the Glimpsers about her life. It began in Santo Domingo and led her to the small town of Los Francos. This amazing woman has been the only resource the community has had for things like education, and basic necessities. She is the loud and hopeful voice for these people. This being said, Nakita and I felt very honored to present her with gifts from our Global Glimpse familia. I, Nakita, challenged myself to translate Isabella’s words of gratitude into Spanish so they could understand. I was a little bit nervous, but I used one of our 3 C’s, courage, to take on this bold task.

When it was time to head back home we were all heartbroken, and as Jatnna would say, it was time to leave our children for their real parents. However, being the fun Lideres Del Dia that we are, we made sure everyone felt better by playing my Today’s playlist thanks to Giovanni’s amazing new sound system in the bus. We were very proud of ourselves, and peers, for embracing the typical Dominican day. Nakita and I are quite the dynamic duo, and I think everyone can agree to that. Although everyday has been filled with joy we can conclude that the memories made today have definitely been the best for us.

Buenas noches amigos y familia!

P.S. Hey mom and dad! It makes me so sad knowing that Annliese isn’t home to read this, but I’m sure you two are doing fine without out having two teenage girls around. I hope you haven’t been constantly watching AGT and have left a couple episodes to watch with me. Thank you so much for commenting Mommom, I miss you soo much and can’t wait to see you soon. One more thing! Mom, please tell Kieran and Ryan to stop growing as I’m sure they’ve mastered 2 more inches in height since I’ve last seen them. Love and miss you all, Isabella.

P.P.S. LOL so I forgot to tell you guys about the blog, but I miss you all so much mom especially Leo and Ludy. I can’t wait to be back even though I’m having mad fun. Love you all, and I’ll show you this when I get back home. Bu kode femia krebu txeu.