As modern day people know, when we tend to think about showers, our minds go directly to the image of showers containing:  a shower tub with running water through the pipes. However, on July 31, 2016 it became a strange day for my fellow peers in the Global Glimpse program. We had to wake up at seven in the morning and experience how it felt to live like a person from the community. The previous night we were told that if one wanted to shower we would have to fill a couple jugs of water and take them to our hostels; we would than have to take the water to our showers and pour the water on ourselves with a little plastic cup. To top the experience even further, our electricity was cut off. As the morning became bright and beautiful after a heavy rainstorm the previous night we gathered in the main house to share breakfast together. After we finished eating, now fully awake, we were on our ways to the city of El Cacique, where we were introduced to the women of a organization called Femucamo. Femucano is a group of devoted women on the path of making an impact into the lives of the people of the community. During our time in the community we were divided  into small groups  of 3-4 that contained a spokesperson from the community. Here we were invited to walk to their homes and see the way people lived in communities like, El Cacique. We were greeted with lots of love and  brought into their homes as if we were part of their community. While there, we asked what were the struggles they encountered in their communities, and what were the strengths. As the day went on we experienced things that neither a book or the internet could provided us. This was an eye opening moment that made me feel touched. Witnessing today has left me with thoughts of appreciation for those who I consider important people in my life. After today I know I will fight for a future where I will raise a family, provided the things needed for life and every once in a while luxury items.

As my eyes open at seven in the morning, I had this feeling of wanting to burst into tears. I was not able to wake up with a smile on my face because I dreamed those at home. I was not able to show those who I care for how grateful I am to have them in my life. As the day went on I was not able to stop thinking about the things back home, those things that brought smiles and joy into my life. I went into the day believing that I was not going to be able to think straight and fully participate in the activities of the day.  As I was on my way to the town of, El Cacique It felt as if I was broken into millions of tiny pieces that would eventually be spread throughout the roads of the Dominican Republic. As we got further into what’s known as the worst part of the country my heart broken even more. Seeing people living in homes that had holes in their roofs, to people having to walking bare foot along rocky, muddy roads. I thought about how we in America complain about not having certain things, things we don’t really need, but things we need to make ourselves feel as if we are living a good life. As those moments passed through my head, I realized that people would die for what we aren’t grateful for.

As I took another step I felt touched by everything I saw. People would ride with their newborn  babies on a motorbike without thinking about if they I crashed and something happened to the child. As we neared our host families home I felt as if me being their was a sign of hope to the people of the community. I saw water pipes exposed in the street, raising the risk of breaking and damaging. As we walked the muddy ground we realized people live in homes that are constructed on low budgets, meaning that sooner or later some part of the house would fail. As we asked question about their living conditions I felt as if I had the opportunity  to be a change. I wouldn’t hesitate to take the challenge because I know it would improve some factors of how people in the community feel. Seeing how people slept, showered, and lived has shaped me into thinking more about fighting for not only myself but for a future family. I learned that in this world if one really wants to go further in life one has to not think about the struggles and challenges but think about the light at the end of the tunnel. I honestly felt as if this day  grew on me, because seeing what they go through made me feel for grateful for the little things I receive from loved ones, and things that they give me with their efforts and work. As the trip goes on I will always have this image in my heart and mind because I want to go back home and reach my highest potential in order to be the best person I can be, as well as to not only give myself a successful life but also those who are close to me. As a person I will not give up until I see those close to me smiling and living the life they honestly deserve, because to me their isn’t anything better in the world than being able to see a smile on those select peoples faces. I would be satisfied and even blessed because a smile that I create means millions to me. As far as the smile value can go, I will close with this note, Je t’aime mon beau.