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Hello fellow Global Glimpse parents, Today was another exciting and extravagant day especially since we took a trip to the mango farm. Like every other day (most of the time) we woke up with a 7 am wake up call from yours truly. We woke up with an energizing breakfast of a traditional Gayo Pinto plate and a tasty passion fruit juice. Everyone laughed and talked to each other while also enjoying what Don Carlos prepared for us. Ready to start our day we cleaned up and got everything together by refilling our water bottles, wearing sunscreen, and applying bug spray in order to be prepared for the Mango Farm we were going to visit. As we drove off in our usual bus we sang songs and shared some stories with each other. We rode to meet at a cooperative, officially fair trade certified. Getting to meet the cooperative was a good feeling knowing we were going to hear some speakers that were eager to tell us all about fair trade, what their job means to them, and how small they think of themselves when compared to everyone else in the business especially when it comes down to internationally speaking about what they do and who they are. With that, came questions from our fellow Glimpsers and thoughts they had about fair trade and the production of Mangos. What was really surprising was that a simple Mango tree would take about 5 years in order to grow and start producing succulent mangos to be sent out to other countries.

After that, we visited the place where all the magic happened and even though crop season was over everyone still got a very delicious mango. Laughter took over as most of us tried to shake and pull the branches high up in the trees with a stick, but the hard work was all worth it because we all got a mango and had fun doing it as a group helping one another. It was such a good experience and lesson on how to work as a team and give each other motivation to try something that seemed impossible but was done with hard work from all of us. In addition, we received a little surprise when we made a quick stop to watch the view of the lagoon and mountains all over us on one of the highest place in Nicaragua. We got back on the bus and headed to the hostel to devour another delicious meal from Don Carlos who already happen to be waiting for us with open arms. Glimpsers finished their meal and prepared for their English tutoring class, with that being done we all had free time and some rushed in groups of four to the Internet cafe in order to communicate with friends and family back home while others stayed at the hostel taking a nap that was needed for people like myself that felt a bit tired. After everyone was back at the hostel we got ready to leave and walk to the Ave Nicaraguita where we taught our students that are always welcoming even to the ones that don’t speak much Spanish. Teaching the students another language can sometimes be challenging but is another way that can help all of us improve our own language and a secondary language like Spanish that is also very important. Later on we said goodbye to our students for the day and made our way across the block to where Don Carlos’s restaurant is at called La Favorita. Eating yet another meal and drinking cold agua de Jamaica couldn’t have been better for the night. Overall we ended our night by watching another performance of a fire show and eating ice cream while we all tried to solve riddles that weren’t as easy as they seem, followed with a walk going back to the hostel for our nightly meeting. 

To end I want it say Goodnight from La Casa Roja!