Today marked the beginning of an important part of our Ecuador experience. My fellow Glimpsers and I were able to travel to a community in Pusuca, Ecuador, and be able to experience the life of a local. The tasks at hand were very tedious and difficult for many of us. We had to wake up very early and travel an hour to the location of the community. From there, we split up in to different groups and helped the various families in the community. Although we were not used to intense labor, we came to the realization that money doesn’t define a community of people, but unity and selflessness. Being able to face the challenges that people face every day made all of us extremely grateful for the things we are provided. After working so hard for several hours, we sat together and discussed what we could do to help their community and lessen their stress. For the next two weeks, the other Glimpsers and I will be working together on a “Community Action Project”. We plan to locate a major challenge in the Pusuca community and do the best we can to help them out. What we might do is to be determined. Being leader of the day was not easy (I was the first of the Glimpsers) but the experiences I went through has helped make me an exceptional leader. Having to help others face their challenges has made me very serious about what we are doing here in Ecuador, and most importantly appreciate what I have back home. Overall we had a pretty exciting day, and I hope the future leaders feel the same as I do and have similar life changing experiences.


P.S. Happy birthday Justin!

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