Good evening family and Friends. I am Sedeq Ahmed and I was the ELDD of today. Today we learned that  no matter how high the mountain is we can over come it as a team. Today we saw our whole team over come this huge obstacle. We learned never to give up even if our bodies and minds are ready to quit. As the ELDD I was surprised to see that no matter how hard we work and no matter how difficult the challenge was, we were happy about what we did.13900272_10102284801855722_8829808496148417938_nIt was very helpful to Cesar and his family on the farm. Today I was happy to see how it is to live life as a local and to see the amazing farm that Cesar built. Today Cesar taught us that a small idea can turn into something huge. Today I was also able to lead a bunch of hard working Glimpers and I was able to see why they all got selected for this trip. We had the opportunity to see why electronics hold us back sometimes, we were able to appreciate the moment rather than look at it through our phone screens. As the day went on we learned how to prepare food and work as a local. We learned that Cesar and his family don’t use cutting boards to cut their food but instead they use resources around them to get the job done. We also learned that agriculture isn’t as easy as we thought, but instead we learned that patience and commitment is the key to mother natures heart. Although we might have complained about electricity and the hard work we did we were able to give mother nature a win over the city life.