Hola familias y amigos!

This is Daisha Simon and Izaiah Joaquin, the leaders of “Living Like A Local Day!” Today was a very eye opening experiencing for all of us. Living Like A Local consist of living without any electricity and  we also had to wash our hands, use the toilet, and shower, all with one bucket of water. All these things truly gave us an idea on how the locals here in the DR conserve their daily resources.

First, we started our day waking up at 6 am. We used flashlights as our source of light because in order to truly live like a local, they have many restrictions with using electricity. When we arrived at breakfast we were given a cup of hot chocolate and bread, a typical breakfast for a local. Later, we arrived to the Community Arroyo Loro. As soon as we got off the bus, we were happily welcomed by all of the families. We were then split into groups with different homes of the families, where we helped them with their daily chores, such as sweeping, preparing food, dusting, washing dishes, and cleaning bathrooms. We were also given the opportunity to speak with the families, asking them questions in Spanish. Afterwards the community prepared everyone a very filling and delicious meal. We then sang, dance, and played with all the children. They even showed us their river, which all of the children excitedly jumped into. Later on, we walked to their community’s school where Enrique de los Santos Perez, Merida Contreras, and the teachers gave us a tour and discussed the issues about their school.

After leaving the community, we taught English to the people of San Juan. We all had an amazing time interacting with our ambassadors and students. Post tutoring, we walked to dinner and had candles lit as our source of light. As a local, they’re only limited to a certain amount of electricity per day. When we returned to the accommodation, we had a discussion about our day as a local. We talked about how the experiences we faced today made an impact on us. This opportunity allowed us to see how 60% of the world lives today. This day truly taught us to appreciate all of the things back at home that we may take for granted.


To Izaiah’s family: I miss all you guys very much! I’m having such an amazing time here in the DR. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it! Love you guys! We out to sushi when I get back 😉

To Daisha’s family: I miss you guys so much!! It is really fun out here in the Dominican, and I’ve learned so much. I got so much to tell you all, and I can’t wait. I also can’t wait to see you guys when you pick me up from the airport! Love you guys!!