Today we learned how to live like a local. We started our day off by having a simple breakfast of hot chocolate and bread. We traveled to a community called Cañada de las Palmas. We were welcomed with open arms and kisses. They treated us like family from the moment we got there. We learned about their personal stories, struggles and what it’s like to live how they do.

Throughout the day we formed very strong bonds with the families we met. They referred to us as their children and were so generous to give even when they didn’t have much. The sense of family and support in this community will always hold a special place in our hearts even when we return home. We learned that home is a feeling, not a place. Our goodbyes were filled with tears and we hope to bring that sense of belonging back to our own communities at home. We are forever grateful for this experience and it was a pleasure to have this once in a lifetime opportunity. The people of this community were some of the happiest people we’ve met, despite the many challenges they face every day. We are leaving with a new perspective on life and what it means to truly live like a local.