In order to get the full experience of a local in Nabuzo, our day began very early. 4:45am was our wake up call, and we were able to get everyone on time which we were very impressed about. We took an hour long bus ride to Nabuzo, and we were able to eat outside like a local by the bus stop. Despite the cold temperatures this morning, everyone was excited and ready to work. We split off into 4 groups, and each group went to a different family. Although each group had a different experience, we think that in the end we all learned a very valuable lesson. Seeing these people with so little and living their life for a day really showed us we should be grateful for the lives we live. Each group had different tasks, but there was a common theme of hard manual labor, such as: pulling weeds, resoiling the garden, digging holes for a sewage system, and other tasks around the farms. It was really inspiring to talk to these people who have lived their whole lives in poverty, but still manage to have a positive outlook on life. These made many of us rethink what happiness means to us.

For us, being leader of the day really meant focusing on how the other glimpsers were and putting ourselves second. For example, at our meals we served everyone and ate last. It was really important to us because we were able to help out more than other days. We really enjoyed being leader of the day, and it was a change from what we usually do.

After today, many glimpsers compared their lives to the locals in Nabuzo and realized that they are very fortunate. As the day progressed many of us became tired and bored, and that really showed us first hand how lucky we are. These people go everyday of their lives doing these exact chores, and after doing it for one day we got a small glimpse of what their lives really are. What we found very surprising is that these people living without our luxuries were happy as can be.