Hey everyone! Hi our names are Sharmayne and James and we were the leader of the day for living a $1 a day. We had a great experience living like a local in the rural areas.

Today, we woke up at 5:30 and left the hostel around 6am. 😴💤Because we had to live a $1 a day, we had to take bucket showers and use no electricity. 😁🚫⚡️Unfortunately our bus broke down in the middle of a farm. But luckily we were able to spend time together as a delegation and bond with our E1C family. With its aesthetic view, being stuck at the farm was actually beneficial. We spent time with the local families that literally live spending a dollar a day. We personally had many new different experiences, showing us how fortunate our lives are compared to the locals. We later had lunch with our host families. Once we said our good byes we went back home and took a short break before we started our C.A.P meeting, where we split into committees based on our special skills. We each donated $15-$30 to our project, and we were able to raise over $500. After we planned our C.A.P presentation, we headed towards our English tutoring classes at Colegio Mas Vida. After an hour and a half, we went back home to eat dinner and have our nightly meeting.

E1C over and out! Good night guys have a wonderful sleep!😊

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