Today we woke up at 7 and the topic of the day was living like a local. We got to experience what it’s like to live like a local from Leon Nicaragua in the community Thomas Borges. We were not allowed to spend more than $2 which is equivalent to 60 cordobas for the whole day. Also, we had to take a shower using a bucket of water and we were not allowed to use electricity or any other electronics except for our flashlights. We were only given “gallo pinto” because it is the main dish that locals eat. After breakfast, we took a bus to the community of Thomas Borges where we were separated into 8 groups and each group joined a family from the community to learn their style of life. Many groups helped the families with chores while others took a tour around the community. No matter what each group did with the family that they were assigned with, everyone managed to build a strong connection with their families. We brought each family lunch and were able to enjoy our meal with them. After lunch all the groups and families got together to enjoy playing games together and brake a piñata. We came back to the hostel to start preparing for the CAP project design. We had “gallo pinto” for dinner again and came back to the hostel to have our daily nightly meeting and we passed the torch on to the next leader of the day. After the nightly meeting we had a self reflection about our day in small groups. As LDDs we feel today was a successful day and our perspective towards how we live back in the US has changed.