Hello family and friends,

Today was Living like a Local Day and that meant that we were not able to use electricity or water. We started out our day by waking up very early in the morning and went down for breakfast. After Breakfast we took the bus to Rio Grande. Which is the community we stayed at for Living Like a Local activity. We were split into groups of 2-3 people and were placed in different families living in the community. We helped the families with things such as washing dishes, sweeping, and helping in their gardens. While staying with the families we had the opportunity to get to know them and spent time with them. Along side with the host families we had lunch that consisted of rice and chicken. After that we played with the kids in the community. We played games such as soccer, volleyball, and catch. When we got back to the hotel we had some free time and later began to plan for our CAP project. For our CAP project we had three ideas; fixing a basketball court, repainting the baseball field and building a water filter. After that we had dinner and passed the torch to Stephany and Britteney. For Jordan’s highlights she enjoyed spending time with the families and playing with the children. And for Maite her highlight was hiking up a hill with one of her host family members and seeing the view of Rio Grande. The take away we had was we realized how privileged we are and that money does not buy happiness. We came to realize that we should enjoy the small things in life despite the circumstances that we may face.


Jordan and Maite

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