Today was a very interesting and meaningful experience for us glimpsers. As usual, we woke up at 6am then had breakfast at la favorita de comedor. Next, we went straight to the marketplace where we were assigned to specific stalls. As for me, I was assigned to Don Mario and Don Maria’s stall along with Kelvin and Haley. At first, we felt intimidated and discouraged because Don Mario seemed to not want our help. Thanks to Kelvin, we were able to break the language barrier and not only interact with Don Mario and Don Maria, but we were also able to assist customers efficiently.

First, we helped set up the shop by unpacking boxes and organizing goods. During this process, I felt that the conditions of working in the marketplace was poor. There is very limited space, it was very hot, many people were in a rush, and there was a lot of haggling. Overall, it was a great experience despite the working conditions because we were able to empathize how the venders felt, and learning how to run the stall.

Afterwards, we walked to Don Carlo’s to have lunch. We went back to the hostel and had free time (or leadership meeting for the following leader of the day). Then, we had a 2 hour CAP 3 seminar. Next, we had free time for 2 hours inside the hostel, unfortunately, due to the fact that there were many late arrivals to particular activities. After free time, we had dinner at Don Carlos at around 6:30pm and returned back to the hostel to prepare for the nightly meeting. During the nightly meeting, I passed on the torch to Anasia who was the next leader for Fun Day tomorrow.







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