Today we had the challenge of living off a dollar a day. We woke up and had a very basic breakfast of beans and a tortilla, then headed off to the small rural community of Isiqui and were hosted by five welcoming families. In the homes we did common chores, played with children, learned about their lifestyles, and experienced imagetheir everyday work. We then came together with locals and their children to play games, talk in Spanish, and give little treats. The people in this community may not have a lot, but they showed us how happy you can be with love and hard work. Seeing how these families live made us all realize how fortunate we are with the education, and opportunities presented to us. In the spirit of living like a local, we also took bucket showers and did not use electricity such as our fans and lights. After we left Isiqui, we had our second English tutoring session and taught our different groups about the basics of the English language. As a group, we helped each other with language barriers and the difficulties of teaching a language as crazy as English. We wrapped up our day with another simple meal, a seminar for our Community Action Project and our normal nightly meeting with a small group reflection. Today was a very eye-opening experience for everyone because we got to see the true effects of poverty on a community.