Me and my peers learned what it was like to live like a regular Nicaraguan from a rural town . In the town we were assigned to be with a family for the day, converse with them and help with their everyday chores. A part of today that really hit home was seeing how humble the people were living in¬†conditions, that I would call a ‘struggle’. What really surprised me about this community was the way people interacted each other. ¬†They got along very well with each other and that is something you don’t see in New York everyday. Me and my partner are most proud of our peers for exposing their selves to be open to new things and be with a family that they never met before and live a day with them. Being a leader of the day gave us the chance to show others that In order to change anything in life there are positions you need to take so that others can follow and all be on board to being a leader. Overall,One thing we learned today was to appreciate all the things we have because many people don’t have the same opportunities we have in the United States.