So today we went to Isiquí to live like a local. Me and my peers learned that people over here and people in the U.S are completely different. In the U.S people are materialistic about what they want or what they need. See over here they have to work everyday just to have a simple life style and it hit me hard. It made me realize that we taking everything for granted. Something that really is surprising is how hard these people work. My host’s family mom will walk down to a river, cross the river by walking on rocks and then walk up a muddy rocky hill just to get milk to make their food. This really hit me because this old lady does this everyday just to feed her family and it was amazing how hard working this lady is. To carry on from this, one of the proudest things I saw my peers do was the amount of respect we all had for the host mom and for us really trying to understand where they’re coming from. I saw people asking questions and heard that some of my peers asked questions in Spanish and that made me proud to know that we are trying new things and getting out of our comfort zone.

The most inspiring person to me was my host mom because at her age she was still doing anything and everything for her family. To me family means a lot and to see how much she cares for her family made me connect with her and want to try to be like her for my family. Being El Lider Del Día was just amazing. It was different from leading a football team but I would say I had a great time being El Lider Del Día and it really helped me in finding a new way to lead a group of kids. Being the El Lider Del Día taught me a lot. One thing I think it really taught me was another way to lead a group of kids instead of leading them as a captain on a team. I will take what I have learned and bring this back home because it really helped me out so much and I’m thankful. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s field trip.