Today was a special day for all of us glimpsers. This day was designed for us to understand what it means to live on a $1 a day. First, we all took bucket showers. Then we ate Gallo Pinto, and went out to El Plantanal, where we will meet the families we’re spending time with. My group and I helped around the house immediately. We swept the floors, washed the dishes, and did intense yard work. Most importantly though, we played with the children. As the day got tiring, lunch time came. Global Glimpse and our wonderful gg leaders made it possible to enjoy lunch with the wonderful families. When it came to say our goodbyes the kids said, “see you tomorrow”, which brought pain in our hearts as we wouldn’t return. All of us came back silent, reflecting on the time we had with each of our families. We took a little time to rest and return our focus to teaching English to a local school. We prepared and taught the wonderful students that attended our classes. After classes it was dinner time, ending the day with Gallo pinto. Energizer was a questionnaire pass around that helped the group get to know each other deeper, and self-reflected. This day create an opening to a new school of thought for me and my peers.