Hey everyone!

Seermatie here, well today was a very exciting day in which the GG family did the “Living on a Dollar a Day” challenge meaning that the familiy we visited lives on less than one U.S. dollar each day. We all woke up at 5:30am and proceeded to get dressed for breakfast and a 1 hour and 30 minute drive to “El Molino” community. Apon arriving to the community, we were welcomed by the many friendly faces of the community members.

Elisjana (aka Lisa) here! After arriving to the community we met our host father for the day whose name was Ceaser. He led us to his “chakra” where we saw all the vegtables he was growing. In addition, we were given the opportunity to see his guinea pigs! They kept running away from us but we all eventually ended up holding a guinea pig. We were then divided into groups of 3. My group was in charge of removing quinoa grains from the plant which lasted about three hours.

Quinua plant

Quinoa plant

During that time we spoke to Ceasar’s son who told us about his political views on president Correa and what he does throughout the day on the farm. Group two was in charge of the same procedure with the quinua plants but with machines. The last group was in charge of preparing our lunch. Habeeb and Chelsea were apart of this group and as they were preparing our meal they saw two baby kittens which they apparently have a phobia of therefore Ceasars wife ended up putting a pot over them…..poor kittens.

Seermatie here again! After our wonderful experience with repping quinoa, we went back to Cesar’s house where we all ate a delicious lunch which consisted of fried trout, boiled potatoes, salad and hot quinoa juice. Everyone conplemented the chefs and enjoyed their meal, but one person in particular had a memorable experience. Randy ate fish for the first time and mentioned how much he enjoyed it.



Lisa here again. After our delicious lunch we were ready to head back to the hostel but we could not leave before thanking Ceasar and his family for their hospitality. On behalf of my delegation, I let him know how thankful we were to spend the day in his community. Afterwards, we took a few pictures before departing and to our surprise the kittens were finally released!


Lisa giving a gift to Ceasar on behalf of the GG team

One of the two kittens that was trapped under a pot

One of the two kittens that was trapped under a pot



A fun day repping quinua!

Still Lisa here. Before we leave we have a few shoutouts! For starters, shoutout to my mother and Erblina. I can’t wait to see the both of you soon. From the rest of my delegation:

Daniel: Shoutout to my mom! See you very soon. Love you!

Ty: Shoutout to my mom, dad, and BabyGirl Jade.

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