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What was like being the leader of the day?


Being the leader of the day was a new life experience. One reason is because in the morning we had the first wake up call at 5:00 am and the second at 5:30am and the reason behind it was because our topic was education. In which we had to experience the life of Nicaraguan students and be their shadow for the day , to know how their life is like. When we first went to school, we had to go to the auditorium to have an assembly which they have once a week. In that assembly we had to stand for one hour to get all the performance done while standing. But a good thing was that the principal invited us to the front of the stage and it made me feel very welcomed and happy to be able to know that they received us with open arms. Once we got out of the stage, they divided us in two groups one was group A in which Sirantony and Jessica were and group B that Liz and I were in.


Once we got to the classroom I met my partner for the day and he was called Aunner Rivera. He was actually an interesting student because I felt that he was the type of kid who dream big about playing sports. But one thing I notice about the school in Nicaragua is that they don’t have he the same discipline as the U.S.  and I feel as thought that they are more freedom here than in the school because if a teacher is absent they just give them the period free while in the U.S. But if there is an a teacher who is absent then they will have a substitute for that period of time. I also learned today many things when all the Global  Glimpsers had a speaker who was a retired teacher that talk to us about his experience. One thing that stranded out is when he said that many students that were suppose to fail they passed them anyway so they wouldn’t be in the same class next . This makes me think how different is the life here than the U.S. ?



– Leonela Inoa-Castillo