After a VERY long day, we’re all finally here at our home base in Aquiares, Turrialba! 🙂

The group landed at around 11:30 am at Juan Santamaría Airport, we quickly put all their luggage on the bus and made our way to lunch. Some of them had some delicious quesadillas and others decided to dive right into the local cuisine and tried one of the national dishes called “casado” (rice and beans) which comes with plantains, salad, and either chicken or beef.

The ride here was foggy and rainy, we listened to some music, took naps, and started to get to know each other. Once here, we had dinner prepared by our cooks, Diego and Rosa, had a very quick nightly meeting, and now we’re getting ready for bed. All 17 students had the chance to call their parents to let them know they arrived safely in Costa Rica. Parents: please remember they won’t be allowed to call daily, so stay tuned for Day 7 of the trip when they’ll get to call again for a few minutes (and make sure to read the blog every night!).

Pura vida,