Wassup, this is Prash and Armando, we were the leaders of the day and today was living like a local day. We had an early start to our day. We woke up at 7 in the morning, had breakfast and headed out to a local rural community called Los Francos. All of us were divided into groups where we lived with a family for a couple of hours and learned about the challenges and struggles they face such as not having a good source of water and electricity. We had to help around with chores such as mopping, sweeping, washing dishes, and help get water from the creek. As a whole we taught the locals games and vice versa. We were very surprised at the fact that the kids were very energetic and wanted to play every second. Afterwards we had lunch with a local family with the help of some Glimpsers, we got to talk to them, laugh with them and share our stories. We also got to talk to Maria who is the head of the community and also the women who helped bring electricity and water to them. She is also a part of a women’s rights organization and has protested for many great accomplishments for the community. She is also in a process of getting the community a better and safer school. Maria is very dedicated to what she does and also is very compassionate about it.
We got back to the accommodation and had some free time, then we had hot chocolate and bread for dinner and as light as that sounds, it was delicious and we all enjoyed it. As a group we learned to appreciate the little things in life after seeing the hardships of the locals today.

We want to give a big shout out to Stephen for a basketball game today and also Brayan for taking us to the store for some snacks after dinner… Thanks Mom and Dad for being able to send me on this trip which has taught me so much and just helped me appreciate everything I have. love you guys! …Prash
I want to give a big thank you Mom, Dad, Nanny, and grandpa. I love you guys with all my heart. This trip had made a big difference in my life in a good way and just remember (Ameyra and Nia) there are people out here struggling to live and I experienced it…. Armando
Hey Mom and Dad!! I miss you both so much, I hope Ryan and Megan are doing great! I CANNOT wait to tell you about all my adventures when I get back. I hope Josep is doing okay, I tell all my new friends about my cute little puppy everyday. Mahal kita, Renee