Reporting to you from Tico land! This is Hannah and Jondell 🙂

Thank you all for sharing your comments with us! We always look forward to reading them during our nightly meetings! Today, we started our day by waking up at 6:45 am to the song “Walking on Sunshine.”  At 7:30 am, we went down and had Gallo Pinto, which if you did not know, is a typical cuisine here in Costa Rica. The dish consists of rice and beans with scrambled eggs and two different kinds of cheese. After our mental warm-ups and energizer, we departed at 9 for our “Community Day,” which took place in a small town fifteen minutes away called La Flor.

As soon as we arrived, our groups ventured into the four different homes, where we would converse and interact with local families. This experience gave us a closer look at the Costa Rican culture. Once again, the charisma that we had noticed about Costa Ricans was confirmed to us!

In one of the groups, we met a family of seven! Three of the kids work with their father in carpentry, and the other two are studying in college. They all live in the same house and have a very strong relationship with each other. After greeting each other, we started to make empanadas and tortillas with the help of the family. Something that seemed so complicated to us at first became so entertaining and delightful to make. The best part was definitely eating them, and eventually watching Kevin fall asleep shortly after, LOL. Another group met with a couple who shared their lasting marriage of 58 years. They shared with us their financial struggles which created an impact on them during the pandemic. Hearing about this touched our hearts, and reminded us of the reasons to be grateful, especially as we experienced their unity and graciousness. Through their acts, they reminded us of the beauty of this virtue. As Melody Beattie says, “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.” It connects us to a true path of incomparable joy, and without it, we are lost.

Another group visited Edith and her family. Edith talked about her childhood and how she started working at 13 because in her family she had seven siblings. She spoke about meeting her husband and about making it official when she turned 17. She has two kids; one of them is Dave, the man kind enough to show us around the house. Dave wanted to become an architect when he was in school, but because of the pandemic, lost interest and struggled financially. With her other son Pablo, we got to meet and play games such as football and Uno! Something interesting we discovered was that they rebuilt a church and decorated it.

To resume this all, through every experience at Global Glimpse, we have grown and accomplished a lot. Every day always brings us activities that we look forward to, as we grow closer to our community and the people that we meet.

Ok, “Tuanis

Big love!
Hannah and Jondell