Words escape how excited I am to be traveling with you to Matagalpa on 7/8/17!

Hola Delegation M2B!! I am one of your GGL’s. My name is Marti Cooper and I am the Executive Assistant and Operations Coordinator at Oakland School for the Arts.  I have the privilege and honor to be returning to Nicaragua for a second time along with your other GGL, Erika Ikemoto. I look forward to meeting each of you and to share this amazing journey together. I promise that this will be an experience and opportunity that will change you!

I got involved with Global Glimpse when my daughter was a glimpser three years ago. The staff, program, and educational & travel opportunity so greatly impressed me that I HAD to become part of this organization. The next year I became a GGL for OSA and traveled to Esteli Nicaragua with Erika. We had such an amazing trip that we decided to lead a delegation again this year and requested to be partnered together. We can’t wait to explore Matagalpa with this delegation.

You are most likely feeling a variety of emotions: nervousness, apprehension, happiness, & excitement may be just a few of your feelings. Know that you are not alone. Even GGL’s share these. Don’t feel uncomfortable if you are the only one from your school in our group. Almost all of you are singularly representing your school. This will be a wonderful time to meet new friends and let your spirit soar. Give yourself permission to step outside your comfort zone and know that you will be supported! Keep and open mind to unfamiliar sounds, taste, and sights. Don’t be judgmental. If you can try to follow these guidelines, then you will understand Global Glimpse and you will have an amazing journey!

Big Love!