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Welcome to Matagalpa!

Hello Glimpsers, parents and GGL’s! We are Roxana and Silvan, your program coordinator and site manager. As we write this blog, we anxiously await your arrival on June 6. We have planned an incredible trip for you where you will not only learn about the culture, history, and life of Nicaragua, but you will also learn about yourselves.


Matagalpa is located in the northern región of Nicaragua and is known as “la perla del septentrion,” the Pearl of the north. Matagalpa has a rich history that combines its indigineous culture and a lasting impresion left behind by years of civil war and political unrest. As you walk around the city, you will see many monuments and murals that allude to its conflicted past.


Monument to Com. Tomas Borge and Com. Carlos Fonseca

Because of the high elevation of the city of Matagalpa, its is one of the largest coffee producers in Nicaragua. It has a strong agricultural tradition and beautiful landscapes you will soon experience yourselves.

We have made Matagalpa our home and love everything it has to offer, from its delicious food, to parks that always offer a place to sit, to its warm inviting people. We can’t wait to meet all of you and hope that you will love Matagalpa as much as we do.

-Roxana and Silvan


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