Hola M2B! This is a busy delegation. At this point either Erika or I have either spoken to you, left you a voice mail message, or have left you a text/email message. Most of you are on vacation, looking at colleges, or just busy with summer activities.

For those that could make it, Erika and I met at Oakland City Center today to have a little “meet and greet” get together. Although a small group it was so nice to put a face to a name and learn a little about each other. In the attached photo is Bryant, GGL Marti, Jazmine, Maddi, Quincy, and GGL Erika.

I’ll be sending out an email later this week to summarize the things that Erika and I have been discussing with you. In the meantime, please introduce yourself through this blog so that we can all get to know each other before the airport.

Sending a big hug to each of you!