Dear worried parents,

I apologize for the day-late blog; we had bad wifi connection yesterday. Yesterday was the second half of our CAP service project where we continued painting and planting. Despite the obvious lack of experience with either category prior to this trip, we as a group were quite proud of our finished product. Over the course of the day we painted 6 or 7 doors, the hazard lines on each parking spot, the curb, and the soccer goals. What kept us going was the running joke that the school administrator, Mauricio, was always thinking. Whenever we were done with a task, he had several more lined up, and they were always delivered to us with the same “Mauricio was thinking… .” Though it was a long day, all these words ended up meaning more fun for us as we had come to enjoy the feeling of helping others and fooling around with each other. We left the school, Carlos Garbay, with depleted materials, drooping eyelids, and full hearts. Once back at the hotel, we had free time, dinner, and our nightly meeting before falling into a slumber full of dreams of home (not everyone wants to admit it, but we’re really missing our families). On another note, multiple people came back from the “dead” (stomach bug) today! Lots of wishes to the others and I hope everyone is back to 100% soon! Sophia and Giovi are the LDD’s today and will be posting their blog tonight.

Love you guys,
Ethan B.