So I’m not really sure if students on the trip are supposed to be posting pre-trip blogs or if its just the trip leaders…. either way, though, here’s a post about me.  My name is Isabel, but some people call me driedglue, and I’m going to Nicaragua.  I’m 17 years old, I go to Greenwich High School, and if I had to describe myself in one word I’d say I couldn’t pick just one.  I like spending time with my cat, running, and using the internet.  My favorite color is blue, but I’m also a fan of gray.  My lucky number is 13.  I don’t like making decisions, thus I do not have a favorite book, movie, or song.  I love it when it rains, and my favorite candies are sweettarts, pixie stix, and smarties.  Spring is my favorite season, water is my favorite beverage, and painting is my favorite art form.  If I could have any super power it would be levitation and if I could be any animal I would be a big cat like a puma or a lion.

What I’m most looking forward to on the trip is a chance to practice my Spanish because one of my life goals is to become fluent in the language.

This is what I look like:

I guess this is it for now; I’ll see my fellow trip-takers July 31st, 4 am or so in the morning.