Hi, I’m Corlin.

I’m a plant-dad and dog-dad and that’s enough. My pronouns are he/him/his and I am looking forward to this trip. I am originally from Northwest Minnesota, where I delivered the FARGO FORUM newspaper throughout my entire high school experience (including that HORRIFIC 1991 HALLOWEEN BLIZZARD*).  I hate being warm, so I am apologizing in advance if sweat is dripping off my brow in Constanza.

I am a science teacher at Williamsburg Preparatory HS and I am excited to introduce you to my WP students on this trip. I’m totally OCD by nature and welcome everyone’s idiosyncrasies in this group.  I have previously traveled with Global Glimpse (GG) in 2019 (Ecuador) and I am excited to check out another GG country.

This trip is gonna be awesome.  Also, in Stranger Things SEASON 4, EVERYONE DIES!!!!

(also that’s not true)