Meet Emily Wu!


Hello! My name is Emily Wu, I’m a rising senior at Greenwich High School and I’m thrilled to be going to the Dominican Republic with Global Glimpse this summer. Here are some facts about me:

  • I absolutely LOVE sports. I used to swim on the swim team at my old school in Japan and I played soccer and squash at my middle school in Connecticut. I also used to dabble in wrestling – I was on my school’s first girl’s wrestling team. (There’s a picture of the four girls on the team in a glass display case at the school with me kneeling in front of the three other girls with a smug grin on my face.) I’m now on the track team at my high school, with my main event being the hundred meter hurdle. I’m looking forward to being one of the four track captains on the indoor track team next year.
  • I am somewhat of a band nerd. I play the french horn and the mellophone at school. (The french horn for normal band class, the mellophone for jazz band.) Although I originally wanted to play percussion, I was picked as a french horn player and have been making the most of it ever since. I started playing in the jazz band recently when my teacher recommended that I join. (Fun fact: The french horn and mellophone use the same mouthpiece, but requires the opposite hand when playing.) Jazz music is a huge passion of mine, so jazz band and I were a perfect match. Outside of school I play the piano. I started when I was fairly young, but quit because I didn’t find it interesting. I recently picked it up again when I saw that my mom was taking lessons and decided that piano was a talent I wanted to keep alive. (FYI: I play the recorder as well.)
  • I like to dance and sing. You can find me at home doing both of these things, sometimes at the same time, very intensely.
  • I’m a world traveler: I’ve been to 31 countries in total. I’ve also been to all continents, except Antarctica.

I’m looking forward to immersing myself in an entirely new culture. Although I’ve traveled to 31 countries never have I been given the opportunity to actively engage with the community as I will be doing with Global Glimpse. I’m curious to see how an average day in the life of a Dominican Republican will differ from that of a North American’s. In addition to this, I’m looking forward to meeting new people who will be experiencing this adventure along side me!

I’ll be posting again once in-country, so be on the lookout for that!

-Emily Wu