Hi Glimpsers! My name is Lola!

I teach on the south side of Chicago in Hyde Park at Kenwood Academy High School. I am the dance director there so I teach three levels of dance, an advanced performance ensemble, and one yoga class. I also perform in a few different companies throughout the city as a professional dancer. I cannot wait to dance bachata in Bonao! 🙂

I became a GGL because I’m passionate about travel and the way that it changes and expands a person’s perspective for the rest of their lives. Some of my greatest joys and greatest friendships have happened traveling and dancing in other countries and cities! Accompanying the Glimpsers as a teacher is a joy and I am very excited to witness their experiences!

As Henry Miller once said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”

There’s something really significant about meeting people who live differently than you do and joining them in that in whatever capacity you can. It creates a bond between people who wouldn’t otherwise have come together and it changes both people for the better. My hope is that all the students have their eyes opened to a life different from the one they live and can find the joy in similarities that bring us together. I hope we’re all challenged to appreciate what we each bring to this trip and can celebrate the joy of sharing this experience together!