IMG_1272 (2)Hello everyone! My name is Rainna Hernandez and I’m currently attending Evergreen Valley High School. I am very excited to meet all of you and participate in this trip. I have heard so many stories from one of my senior friends and how her experience was life changing. Now it is our turn to help make a difference and experience life changing events during this trip.

In my family, I am the middle child with 4 other siblings and as the middle child you don’t get as much attention as the oldest or the youngest. Even so, I am still trusted with responsibilities like babysitting my younger siblings or cooking when we are home alone. I like to think I’m mature but there are times where my inner child comes out for things like Steven Universe or Superhero movies. The one thing you have to know about me is I am a HUGE nerd for dragons, Naruto, Steven U, and any superhero out there(except Superman); if you ever want to have a spiritual connection talk to me about these topics xD. If you ask any of my friends at school they will tell you I am very loud but caring and sweet. On my spare time I love to draw and animate a cartoon I came up with called Portal or practice and teach Kajukenbo, mixed martial arts, to children from the ages of 3-15. I have a very creative mind that’s very open and adventurous and I hope to use this to connect with you and create something great for the community.

I am very excited to meet everyone and create wonderful memories with you all! Adventure Awaits!! See you soon 😀


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