Hi Guys! I’m Sonia and I am currently a junior/senior at Mills High School. I was born in San Francisco, but my parents are from Nicaragua and China. I went to Nicaragua two years ago (San Juan del Sur, Matagalpa, Granada, Juigalpa, Managua, and Acoyapa). While there, I was able to meet new people, improve my Spanish and experience the culture. On this Global Glimpse trip I hope to met even more people and become even more experienced with the culture! I am on the first trip to Leon. I am very happy to be a part of Global Glimpse and I cannot wait to return!

In addition, I love to volunteer, play sports, listen to music, read, and EAT. I swim and play water polo for Mills. When I am not reading, volunteering, playing sports, listening to music, or eating, I am usually at work. I love to work with kids (mostly because I act like one).

Lastly I hope to make new memories during my Global Glimpse trip. I am VERY excited to be meeting everyone on my trip!