Hello friends and families back at home! Can you believe that this is our last week in the DR? I know for a fact that I am not ready to go home. Well today we started the day off with breakfast and hopped on the bus to Moca. After a short trip, we got off the bus and walked around the streets and stores of Moca. Before going to the stores we all got in groups with our amazing youth ambassadors, Kendry and Kelvin, who did an amazing job keeping us safe. We had a few people go souvenir shopping and others CAP project shopping. Around noon time we hopped back on the bus to the hostel. As usual, we did our English tutoring with our amazing students, whom we told that our last day teaching would be Wednesday. After our English tutoring, we started our English tutoring prep, which lead to some of the silliest moments we´ve had on this trip. After a long day of walking around, we had time to relax and play games with each other. Time to relax, sleep, or do laundry.

While walking around the Moca, we got a time to reflect about our time in the DR and also the question of the day which was, what have you learned from your time in the DR? It included to think about how you’ve changed since then. I feel like we all agreed that when we had our first free day it was like we were tourists but now we feel more like the people in the community. Our perspectives of how things work have changed a lot during this trip.

I’d like to say that everyone had a fun day doing whatever our groups decided to do, whether it was buying supplies for our CAP or trying the pastries. The quote of the day was, “Don’t let your attitude determine your altitude.” I saw this in action. Even though we were all tired, we all still pushed through to be positive and not be rude to anyone. Well that’s all for our free day in Moca. Hope you guys like the pictures of our day.

Big love to all of our families and Friends

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