Hello everyone,


Joey taking a picture of my dad

Here your favourite Site Manager from Leon 2 team. Today was our second day in Leon, and it was a WONDERFUL day, first off the day was sunny and breezy. We started the day with some good music, I woke up everyone playing my favourite song and once everyone got ready we head to Imabite our lovely “comedor”, today menu includes pancakes, fruits and yogurt (very healthy right!). Then we head back to our hostel and our GG Leaders Alexandra and Edgar were ready to warm us up with the History/Politics seminar.

After a very engaging seminar we had our first guest speaker, a very special one, my father Nestor Torres, who shared his personal experience during the revolution, to me was extra special to translate for our students, I have heard his stories several times but today I realize how passionate and special man he is, made me feel so proud and now I appreciate even more what he did for Nicaragua and for me in his youth, everyone seemed to me very amused for his stories and advices. After a very inspirational speech we all went to have lunch to Imabite. Right after we said goodbye to my parents we walked back to the hostel to have the leadership meeting with Edgar the next leader of the day and get ready for the culture and safety orientation seminar led by Kirsten.


On our way to the city tour


At the Poet’s park, posing next to the monument of Ruben Dario

Once we all were trained on culture of Leon, we got ready and excited to discover the city of Leon on the city tour. We splitted the group in 2 small groups to be able to see most of the most iconic places downtown such as La Perla Hotel, La merced church, Poets park, the central park and the one and only The Cathedral. I led one of the groups and it was so much fun to walk around and re-discover places pur glimpsers can visit later like restaurants, souvenir shops, historical places etc. but most important that everyone got to learn more about Leon and its people. And so, after a good walk we surprised everyone with a well deserved Ice cream at a local Skimo shop (Skimo is the local ice cream shop).

We head back to the hostal again to exchange money and get our first Cordobas, the national currency of Nicaragua. We also had a few minutes of free time before dinner at Imabite.


Some of our amazing glimpsers reflecting on the first impressions of Leon

Finally we closed the day with the nightly meeting where we debrief the day and Edgar our next leader of the day showed us his talent, he did a handstand up!!! Crazy!!! Everyone had an OMG face -LOL- then he led the 2nd part of the meeting and we ended up with the unity clap, we chose the code “deet-deet” ( you will find out later… so better keep posted to the next blogs ūüėČ ). Lastly everyone gathered on their self reflection groups for our first reflection on first impressions.

Now we have some free time and we all are ready to play some card games and share stories.

Please read us tomorrow!




Bonus pic:

Just landed in Managua!