So today we were farmers, right, and we were planting trees and shoveling dirt to make holes for trees. We were sweating and there was ants in peoples shoes. We were crossing rivers as if the water was actually lava (thanks for the rain boots mom even though they stayed at K-mart). We climbed the Rocky Mountains, to get to the area where the community workers showed us what hard work really was to them. Hard work in their mentality is waking up early, climbing a mountain, and working in fields with no shade and tall grass for several hours, whereas to us hard work is being at home and cleaning our rooms.

At the Federation, we presented our ideas about the CAP project to Esteban and the rest of the community, which was to create signs that leads the way to different locations in the compound. In the conference, we talked about how many signs we would need, the materials in order to make the signs, the pathways needed to create the routes in the compound, how much everything would cost, and how much time would be needed. We also created a basic blue print of what needed to be done to the city.

Being the leader of the day I was happy to see that everyone looked out for each other while climbing the mountain even though some of us struggled getting up there. I learned that not everyone is on the same pace with each other, but in the end we supported each other. We supported each other because we built such a great bond, to the point where we look to each other as not only friends but family.

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