I guess you can tell by the title that today was our second and last “Fun Day” here in beautiful Granada. The day began with a wonderful surprise from the people at the comedor.. can I get a drum roll? PANCAKES. ‘Twas was very delicious. After breakfast, we all boarded a bus and set off to Monkey Hut, a resort at Laguna de Apoyo. Sun was very present, but everyone was determined to be sunburnt-free. We put on sunscreen with confidence and I quote, from our health coach, “We won’t even need aloe later.” (Spoiler alert, we did.) After getting in our bathing suits and protecting ourselves from sun, students were given free time to do many fun activities, such as swimming, kayaking, socializing, snacking, tanning, etc. Some of us quickly jumped into the beautiful water to swim, while others tanned (or burned). After hours of fun time in the sun, we had a delicious meal packed from the comedor. When we finished eating, some students went right back into the water, while other students stayed back to relax. Around an hour and thirty minutes of more chillin’ time, we were all ready to head back to the hostel to chill some more.

We got back to the hostel with a good amount free time before dinner. Many students decided that today was a much-needed laundry day, so we had our laundry picked up. Yay for fresh clothes! Some students went out to a nearby cafe to purchase some amazing frappechinos and muffins. This was also the time when MANY students realized how sunburnt they were. Don’t worry parents, we have enough aloe to last a life time here. After aloe-ing, it was time for dinner! Dinner was, you guessed it, Gallo Pinto. Can never get tired of it. Then we walked back to our hostel, had our nightly meeting, and now everyone is preparing for bed.

So yeah, that was our FUN DAY WEDNESDAY. Despite the sunburns, everyone had a great time! Thank you to all of you who follow the blog!!! We’re having a blast out here. Much fun yes.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Becky’s brother, Tony!!!!!!!!! :))

P.S.S. Shout out to you Lowell peeps out here in Nicaragua!

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