Hello travelers-

My name is Kiki Canton and I am a Spanish Teacher at Cupertino HS.  I have a great many passions in my life, among them are teaching/ working with young people, music, cooking, dancing, spending time with my family and TRAVEL!  I absolutely love to travel (when I have the time/money) and I have had so many incredible, eye opening, perspective shifting experiences during my travel adventures.  I would be a completely different person (and certainly have a different career) if I didn’t discover my early love for traveling.

I am so very excited about the experiences we will have together. Global Glimpse has done so much incredible work to both seek out and facilitate connections with locals AND design activities/ curriculum that help us to dig deeper on our learning and reflection.  It really seems like the perfect program for young people and I feel super lucky that I get to be a part of it.

Glimpsers, I am super excited to meet you all on JUNE 2nd 10:40ish pm,   (another reminder can’t hurt) and to get to know you all on this great adventure together!!