Hi everybody!

My name is Beatriz Figueroa but i prefer Betty for short. I am very excited to become part of this amazing program and am very eager to meet you all. I’m from the city of Pittsburg and am currently a Junior at Pittsburg High School. I am the only one traveling in this date so I wont be accompanied by any of my classmates which at first was a bit disappointing but I’m up for the challenge and have no doubt that the experience will be just as great.

Im very open minded and love to talk about so many things, I get a long quite well and love making new friends 🙂 I love singing 24/7 so dont hesitate to quiet me down in case i get annoying during those three weeks lol. Im Mexican Amercian so Ive grown up in a very multi-cultural family with different music likes and a wide variety of genres not just the typical “Banda” and “Bachata” although I enjoy both but nothing compares to salsa and “danzon” or “un buen bolero” and “merengue”. I love mariachi and enjoy being acompanied by them 😉 I have a very unique interest and love for classical music and opera and have been participating in choirs for almost my whole life. Music is a part of me and hopefully in the future I will contribute to the movement with a minor in voice specifically in Opera and Theory. For a college major I would like to study communications to be a reporter of some sort, I am fluent in both english and spanish and have passed the AP levels of  both Literature and Language. I come from a family where “Ingles en la escuela y espanol en la casa” in other words ” English at school, and Spanish at home”, therefore I have grown up with both languages and have been taught well in both areas. I intend to use this in a career, if its not through TV reporting, then Humanities and Law is also an option to help the community and dedicate my life in being a voice for those who don’t have one. I am willing to fight peacefully for the rights of our people and for equality.  Everybody should have the right to have a well payed job and to be able to feed their families reaguardless where you come from or

what race you are. As our Ceasar Chavez used to say “We draw our strength from the very despair in which we have been forced to live. We shall endure.” So i hope to gain more knowledge and experience through Global Glimpse and spread what I have learned and seen to those here at home.

That is a little sneak peak of me, hope to hear from you all 🙂


I really hope some of us can meet before the departure date including our GG leaders? My parents would feel more comfortable and in peace 🙂

Hasta Luego,