Saludos from Moca!

Today was culture day.We had a packed schedule filled with a combination of fun and informative activities.Everyday we start off with a question of the day.Today’s question was: how are the DR’s ethnic roots ( African, Spanish, and Indigenous) celebrated or rejected in contemporary culture?  The themes related to the question were weaved throughout the day.

After breakfast we had our academic seminar about culture, followed by a trip to a community of artisans famous for their muñecas sin rostro or faceless dolls. There we learned  that the Dominican people are proud of their cultural and ethnic diversity. This is celebrated through the representation of the faceless dolls.   These dolls not only honor the diversity of the DR’s culture but the women who are important figures in everyday life.  At the workshop we had a great time making our own clay doll,it was not an easy task!

The evening was followed by an exciting dance class led by two youth leaders from the community.We had a blast and picked up some dance moves to share with friends and family back home. We closed our day with our self reflection on first impressions and our nightly meeting.

One of the highlights of the day was seeing our group bond. We also have a greater appreciation for the resilience our community contacts have demonstrated.They gave us a warm welcome and shared their enthusiasm for what they do. The women we worked with inspired us through their passion and commitment.

We look forward to learning and growing closer!